MUCH valuable aid has been received from many sources in the preparation of this volume. For this helpful co-operation my thanks are due to:

Sava N. Kosanovic, Minister of State of Yugoslavia, and Tesla's nephew, for making available books, family records, transcripts of records, pictures, and for correcting the manuscript of many chapters; and to his secretary, Miss Charlotte Muzar;

Miss Dorothy Skerritt and Miss Muriel Arbus, Tesla's secretaries; and George ScherV and Julius C. Czito, business associates;

Mrs. Margaret C. Behrend, for the privilege of reading correspondence between her husband and Tesla; and to Dr. W. B. Earle, Dean of Engineering, Clemson Agricultural College, for pictures and other material from the Behrend Collection in the college library;

Mrs. Agnes Holden, daughter of the late Robert Underwood Johnson, ambassador, and editor of the Century Magazine; Miss Marguerite Merington; Mrs. Grizelda M. Hobson, widow of the late Rear Admiral Hobson; Waldemar KaempVert, Science Editor of the New York Times; Professor Emeritus Charles F. Scott, Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University; Hans Dahlstrand, of the Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Co.; Leo Maloney, Manager of the Hotel New Yorker; and W. D. Crow, architect of the Tesla tower, for reminiscences, data, or helpful conversations concerning their contacts with Tesla;

Florence S. Hellman, Chief of the Bibliographic Division, Library of Congress; Olive E. Kennedy, Research Librarian of the Public Information Center, National Electric Manufacturers Association; A. P. Peck, Managing Editor of the ScientiWc American; Myrta L. Mason, and Charles F. PXaging, for bibliographic aid;

G. Edward Pendray and his associates in the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., and C. D. Wagoner and his associates in the General Electric Co., for correcting, or reading and making helpful suggestions in connection with many chapters;

William L. Laurence, science writer of the New York Times, and Bloyce Fitzgerald, for exchange of data;

Randall Warden; William Spencer Bowen, President of the Bowen Research Corp.; G. H. Clark, of the Radio Corporation of America; Kenneth M. Swezey, of Popular Science; Mrs. Mabel Fleischer and Carl Payne Tobey, who have aided in a variety of ways;

Colliers--The National Weekly; The American Magazine; the New York World-Telegram and the General Electric Co., for permission to quote copyrighted material, for which credit is given where quoted; and

Peggy O'Neill Grayson, my daughter, for extended secretarial service.

To all the foregoing I extend my sincere thanks.

John J. O'Neill, Freeport, L. I., New York, July 15, 1944

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Tesla Memorial Society, Inc., 453 Martin Road, Buffalo, NY 14218 ; Tel. (716) 822-0281 ; Executive Director/Treasurer, Nicholas Kosanovich

Tesla Museum, Proleterskih Brigada, 51, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia ; Director, A. S. Marincic

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